Book Review: Tokyo Tales (english version)

(podem ver esta review em português → aqui; são exatamente iguais só muda a linguagem)

IMG_20160624_195640To start with the reviews here on the blog, I decided to choose a book (as I’ve been reading quite a lot now!). But I did not choose any book, I chose a book that is very dear to me because I won it in a giveaway. As you can see, the book is “Tokyo Tales: a Collection of Japanese Short Stories” by Renae Lucas-Hall. Being an anime/manga fan and a fan of the Japanese culture in general, last year I decided to look for books that were Japanese/Japan related. Luckily, I stumbled upon this one and while I was looking for reviews I found out that precisely on that day, the author had a giveaway going on on her page, where she was giving away two copies to two lucky winners. I decided to try my luck and for my surprise, two days later the author contacted me asking for my address as I was one of the lucky winners! 😀

Aside from the autographed book, and I just want to addIMG_20160624_200629 that I find her handwriting really pretty, the author also sent me two post cards with the covers of her two paperback books and a letter that I’m not going to show here because it has my address and it’s kind of personal.

Now, the review! Sorry for spoilers if there’s any xD

According to the synopsis, this book promises “to lead the reader into an enchanting, life-affirming and inspiring world of Japanese short stories”. In fact, the book does take you to that world. In it, we find 15 short stories that take place in Japan (well, one starts in England). In each story we have a different topic. These topics include ghosts, kawaii fashion, arranged marriages, studying abroad, family drama and many more. Definitely there’s a story for everyone. By the way, one story does not conect with another one, they are independent, which is perfect for readers who don’t like to read a lot at a time or simply do not have much time to read. That way they can read a full story without losing track of what is going on.

Something that I really liked in every story is the description of places and people. It’s something that is very complete without being exhaustive and all the details are important, specially the Japanese culture ones. Did you know that on Valentine’s day girls are the ones who give presents and the boys only do it a month later? It’s brilliant! It truly shows that the author knows what she’s writting about and that there was a lot of commitment by the author to create such a realistic book.

About Renae’s writting style, being in English I can say much about it. However, even though English is not my first language (obviously xD), I didn’t need a dictionary and I found her sentences really easy to understand.

Last but not least, the book has illustrations drawn by Yoshimi Ohtani which are simply stunning!IMG_20160624_200656

Without a doubt, I recommend this book to everyone who loves the Japanese culture and want something quick and fun to read.

(I gave it a 5 star review on Goodreads! ^.^)

Portuguese online stores such as Bertrand and Wook sell Renae’s books. Otherwise you can find them on Amazon and Bookdepository.

I would like to thank miss Renae, again, for sending me this book. It meant a lot to me! Thank you so much!

And that’s it ^.^

“- Stay Sweet!”

(please, if there’s any mispealing or grammatical errors feel free to point it out, I won’t be offended and it helps me to improve my English, which I need for college ^.^)


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